Child Abuse Services Team (CAST)

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Who We Are

The Humboldt County Child Abuse Services Team (CAST) is a multi-disciplinary interview team, serving the children and families of Northern California, since 1996.  The team includes people from Law Enforcement, Child Welfare Services, County Mental Health, the District Attorney's Office, North Coast Rape Crisis and Tribal Social Services. CAST is accredited by the National Children's Alliance.

What We Do

CAST prevents child abuse and keeps children safe by providing education on the prevention of child sexual abuse; efficient and coordinated investigations of child abuse through collaboration among law enforcement, Child Welfare Services and the District Attorney's Office; forensic medical exams and referrals for mental health services; and training and education to law enforcement and the community on effective, minimally intrusive investigations of child abuse allegations. 

How We Help

We provide high-quality, evidence-based care for children who have experienced abuse through the use of the Children's Advocacy Center Model developed by the National Children's Alliance.  This approach avoids re-traumatizing children by avoiding the need for them to tell their story over and over to different agencies.  The approach also makes investigations more effective by ensuring communication among agencies.  The child-focused environment we provide minimizes trauma that can occur in reporting abuse and maximizes support for both children and families.

Where You Can Find Us

On the 5th floor of the Humboldt County Courthouse.

Group of people who work together on CAST smiling at the camera after receiving proclamation.                                    CAST Team receives proclamation from Board of Supervisors.