Inspector's Instructions & Checklist

An Inspector is responsible for the following before election day:
  • Visit the polling place before election day with your board members. Make sure the booths and supplies have been delivered. If necessary, call the manager of the facility to determine what time the facility will be available to set up the polls prior to election day.
  • You have a security log inside your roster. This should be the first thing you look for when you open your supply box. You need to record the number on the security seal you cut off and the 1 you use to reseal the supply box. Failing to accurately and completely filling out the security log is the only single task that will prevent you from getting your bonus.
  • Check that your election supplies are complete. Use the check-off list found in your supply box. If there are difficulties or missing supplies, contact the Elections Office at 707-445-7481 immediately.
  • Check the precinct ID numbers on your supply box and labels for the materials to be returned to us on election night. Make sure the box and materials inside, which have precinct numbers on them, match your assigned precinct number. If you share a polling place, keep your precinct supplies separate from other precincts' supplies.
  • Set up your polling place, if possible (voting booths, post signs, table and chairs). Do not set out official ballots, the eScan, disabled accessible unit (DAU), or other official materials until election day morning.
  • Check your vote-by-mail voters list against the roster index. For vote-by-mail voters who are not already identified on your roster index, place a mark (VBM) on the signature line of each voter in the roster-index whose name also appears on the list of vote-by-mail voters provided by the Elections Office. This will help identify that the voter has applied for an absent voter's ballot and must surrender it to you before being allowed to vote.