Be a Poll Worker!

Make history happen and earn some cash on Election Day.

Elections are historical! Be a part of history by serving at the polls on Election Day. Poll Workers can earn $91-96, plus bonus money for attending training classes.

Becoming a Poll Worker is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Click the online application link.
2. Complete the application.
3. Submit your online application.

Elections would not happen without Poll Workers.

It takes more than 400 Poll Workers to conduct a countywide election. Poll Workers open and close the polls, issue ballots, keep track of who has voted, and, in some polling places where we have multiple precincts, serve as traffic directors guiding voters to the right precinct board. 

Poll Worker Eligibility

Eligible Poll Workers must be a: 
     1. Registered voter,
     2. Legal permanent resident, or 
     3. High school student age 16 or older with a 2.5 GPA.

Poll Worker Opportunities

Poll Workers can earn up to $111 for serving as a clerk and $116 for serving as an inspector. The inspector is responsible for managing the polling place and picking up the eScan and disabled accessible unit (DAU) prior to election day as well as returning the eScan and DAU, voted ballots, and other essential items to the Office of Elections or receiving center on election night.

Other links in this section of our website describe Poll Worker duties. If you are interested in being a poll worker, please complete the online application today.

Students as Poll Workers

State law allows high school students to serve as poll workers. Here’s what Elections Code 12302 says:
In order to provide for a greater awareness of the elections process, the rights and responsibilities of voters and the importance of participating in the electoral process, as well as to provide additional members of precinct boards, an elections official may appoint not more than five students per precinct to serve under the direct supervision of precinct board members designated by the elections official. A student may be appointed, notwithstanding lack of eligibility to vote, subject to the approval of the board of the educational institution in which the student is enrolled, if the student possesses the following qualifications:
  • Is at least 16 years of age at the time of the election to which he or she is serving as a member of a precinct board.
  • Is a United States citizen or will be a citizen at the time of the election to which he or she is serving as a member of a precinct board.
  • Is a student in good standing attending a public or private secondary educational institution.
  • Is a senior and has a grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
Students must get parent and teacher permission to participate.