New Resident Guide

  1. Airports

    Learn about Humboldt County airports.

  2. Animal Control Division

    Learn about the laws pertaining to Humboldt County animals.

  3. Dog Licensing

    Find out information about owning a dog in Humboldt County.

  4. Employment

    Start your career with Humboldt County.

  5. Housing Division

    The housing division works to promote affordable housing.

  6. Humboldt County Library

    Get involved in your local library.

  7. Humboldt Dining Guide

    Explore a new cuisine.

  8. Hum Guide

    This website is a great guide to things going on in Humboldt County.

  9. Office of Emergency Services

    Humboldt County works hard to keep your family safe.

  10. Public Works Department

    Learn about our public works department.