Development & Building

  1. Tax Collector

    The Treasury Department provides banking and investment services to all county departments as well as Humboldt County’s community college, schools, and special districts.

  2. Planning & Building Department

    This department conducts building permit review and inspections consistent with California model codes as well as planning and development review and approval consistent with the county's General Plan.

  3. County Administrative Budget

    The annual budget is the most important policy decision made each year by the Board of Supervisors. The budget provides an estimate of the county's resources (revenues) and a legal limit for spending (expenditures) by county government.

  4. Convention & Visitors Bureau

    Your adventure begins in the heart of the California redwoods, Humboldt County, home of Redwood National Park, the Avenue of the Giants, and more than 40 other parks, forests, reserves and recreation areas, which together preserve half the world's old growth giants.

  5. Economic Development

    Entrepreneurs abound in Humboldt County and our economic development strategy is all about helping businesses thrive here.

  6. North Coast Small Business Development Center

    The North Coast SBDC answers questions and provides counseling on business related topics. The majority of their services are free.