Measure Z - Public Safety/Essential Services


In April 2014, Humboldt County citizens told the Board of Supervisors they were concerned about the lack of funding that is available for public safety services.
In response, voters in November passed Measure Z, a half-cent sales tax, to pay for maintaining and enhancing services. These web pages are dedicated to providing information regarding how those funds are being spent, and how you can make your voice heard in the process.

A look at spending

Sheriff's Deputy vehicles at an illegal grow site
Click on the graph below to see in-depth information showing which agencies are receiving Measure Z funds and how they are spending it.
Learn more about projects that Measure Z funded each year, and read some of the success stories and challenges agencies are experiencing as they try to make our community safer.

Measure Z news and information for:
FY 15-16   |   FY 16-17

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Aug. 3

Resident deputies return to rural Humboldt

Humboldt County Sheriff's deputy Ben Filippini is 24 years old and just three years out of College of the Redwood's Police Academy. Beneath the back of his short blond hair, his neck is sunburned a dark red where a tactical helmet and mask did not cover his skin at a recent outdoor training session. He's quick to smile, quick to laugh and he listens more than he talks. All of these things work in his favor at his current job — resident deputy for State Route 36 from Fortuna to Blocksburg.
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Did you know ...
The Board of Supervisors is obligated to spend nearly 64 percent of all funds on specific programs. This often comes in the form of funding that comes from the state or federal government. The Board has discretion over General Fund monies, which accounts for roughly one-third of the annual budget.