Where is it? It used to be on the Library web page and I can't find it now.
It's still here! Further information about many important Library functions can be found under "Library Resources", including Articles & Databases; Information Services; Interlibrary Loan; Library Internet Links; Local, State & World Libraries; Magazines and Newspapers; Public Computers and Internet, and information about using the Meeting Room in the Eureka Main Library.
Still didn't find it? Call the Main Library Reference Desk at 707-269-1905. Be ready to use your redial button if the phone is not answered immediately, as we may be helping someone else or too far from the telephone -- we DO want to answer your call! Library Resources

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1. How can I renew a book?
2. How can I use the Library's computers?
3. How can I make the text on the Library website bigger?
4. Can I access free wireless internet at the Library?
5. How can I find out about upcoming events at the Library?
6. How can I download the Library's eBooks & eAudiobooks?
7. How can I get a Library Card?
8. What is a Zip Book?
9. Where is it? It used to be on the Library web page and I can't find it now.
10. Will the Library answer questions by email?
11. How can I search for a film at the Library?
12. Why is the Library closed on Mondays?
13. I have a comment or question about the Library Website. How can I contact the Webmaster?
14. At the Main Library, which computers can I use to find a book?
15. In the Main Library, where's the restroom?