1. Annual Financial Reports

    Review annual financial reports released by the county.

  2. Articles and Databases

    View a list of available magazines and newspapers, and where you can find them.

  3. Budget

    The budget provides an estimate of the county's resources (revenues) and a legal limit for spending (expenditures) by county government.

  4. County Code

    Please note that the Humboldt County code found on the Internet is as accurate as possible. However, there may be occasional typographical, spelling, or other clerical errors.

  5. General Plan Update

    Check out the county's General Plan update process, documents, and public meetings.

  6. Grand Jury Reports

    Access the reports released by the Grand Jury.

  7. Jail Reports

    Browse through daily reports for disposition of arrest list, release inmate report, daily booking sheet, must go report, and alpha population profile.

  8. Library eBooks

  9. News Releases