Firewise Communities

Learning About the Firewise Program
The Firewise Communities / USA Recognition Program teaches people living within the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) how to adapt to living with wildfire by preparing for a fire before it occurs.

This program empowers communities with tools and resources for reducing their wildfire risk and encourages neighbors to work together to take action that minimizes home loss to wildfire. Using a 5-step process, community residents collectively develop an action plan that identifies their wildfire hazard risks and guides action to reduce those risks.

Becoming a Firewise Community
The 5 steps of firewise recognition are:
  • Create a community wildfire risk assessment with assistance from a state forestry agency and/or a local fire department
  • Form a board or committee and create an action plan based on the community assessment
  • Conduct a Firewise Day event
  • Invest a minimum of $2 per capita in local firewise actions for the year
  • Submit an application and subsequently an annual report to the state firewise liaison
The Humboldt County Fire Safe Council, with the support of Secure Rural Schools Act, Title III grant funds, has thus far aided 6 local communities in gaining recognition as firewise communities / USA sites. If you would like support to lead a Firewise process in your community, contact the FSC Coordinator and check the Title III Funding Program page for grant opportunities.