Monetary Donations

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be given directly to the library in person, by mail, or online.  For long-term support of the library and its mission, consider a donation to the Humboldt Library Foundation.  Purchasing books at the Serendipity Bookstore or at the Friends of the Library book sales is another way to put your money toward the support of the whole library or your favorite branch library.

To donate online, use your credit card, debit card, or Paypal account at the  Official Payments website, and choose the Humboldt County Library.  (There is no added cost when using Official Payments to make a donation, although there is a fee to pay library fines by this method.)

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If you prefer to donate in person or by mail, please print our donation form and bring or mail it to any County Library Location with your gift.

Donors of $200 or more who do not wish to remain anonymous will be included in the Board of Supervisors' Library Agenda.

How Many Books Can My Donation Provide?

Below are average costs of library materials.

  • $18 for children's / young adult books
  • $20 for adult fiction
  • $25 for adult nonfiction
  • $21 for DVDs
  • $15 for CDs
  • $35 for books on CD
  • $25 per year for magazine subscriptions

Planned Giving

If you are interested in planned giving, please call 707-269-1991, or visit the Humboldt Library Foundation online to read about the HLF Endowment Fund.