Safe Dwellings

The Health and Safety Code requires each city and county to adopt a housing enforcement program for the protection of public health and safety. The County of Humboldt has adopted the 1997 Uniform Housing Code for dwellings within the unincorporated areas of the county.

To ensure safe housing, Division of Environmental Health investigates complaints of substandard housing conditions and directs owners (or occupants) where corrective actions are necessary to comply with these standards.

Issues & Complaints

If there are problems with your dwelling, then we recommend that they be reported to the owner for correction. A complaint regarding substandard housing or service request may be filed by contacting Environmental Health. For the incorporated cities of the county, contact your local Building Official to report problems.


Environmental Health also conducts annual inspections of organized camps (summer camps) reviewing the health and safety of the food preparation, drinking water supply, swimming areas or pools, housing, and camp administration.


Mold is a frequent concern of homeowners and occupants. Environmental Health - Public Health Branch Laboratory does not provide mold inspection or testing services. The state Public Health Department does not recommend testing.

A recommended strategy is to identify and eliminate excess moisture and to clean up and remove the mold. Additional information may be found at the California Indoor Air Quality website.

Persons with health problems that they believe are due to mold should see a medical care provider.