Public Health Clinics

The Public Health Clinics offer a variety of services, including adult, travel and child immunizations and Tuberculosis testing and screening. All of our services are available at the main clinic in Eureka. Limited services are available at our Willow Creek and Garberville locations.

Programs and Services

  1. Adult Health Clinic

    The Public Health Adult Health Clinic in Eureka offers screening, diagnosis and treatment services for STDs, including syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia, as well as HIV testing.

  2. Immunizations

    The Public Health Clinic provides immunization services for all life stages, from infancy to those immunizations required for childcare, school, college entry, and beyond. The Clinic can also provide you with the immunizations and guidance needed for safe travel, and our nurse practitioner can help determine if malaria protection is indicated.

  3. Flu Information

    Public Health offers flu immunization in the Public Health Clinic.

  4. Communicable Disease Prevention

    Public Health protects the health of the public by investigating the sources of communicable disease, assisting in locating others who may have been exposed and preventing further spread.

  5. Sexually Transmitted Disease Program

    The Public Health Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) Program works together with local health care partners, county residents and other organizations to help keep residents healthy and safe from STDs.

  6. Scabies Information

    The Public Health Clinic in Eureka offers screening, diagnosis and prescriptions for scabies infections.

  7. Medical Marijuana and 215 Identification Card

    Information about the Medical Marijuana and 215 Identification Program and how to apply.

  8. Tuberculosis Related Services

    The Public Health Clinic provides tuberculosis (TB) clearance testing for work, school or volunteer activities.