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You may also wish to visit the library's page describing services and access for people with disabilities.
  1. There are 4 accessible parking spaces to the left of the Main Entrance. There are no curbs around these spaces. There is room for wheelchairs and scooters to enter and exit vehicles.
  2. There is a ramp to library entrance from the accessible parking area..
  3. A bench in front of the ramp allows a comfortable wait for transport when the weather is good. A pull-out for vehicles and a curb cut give easy access to your ride.
  4. The library's public access scooter is parked across from the circulation desk, to your left as you enter the library. You may ask at this desk for the scooter key. Check out your materials, get a library card, return and renew your books at this desk.
  5. At the the Reference Desk in the center of the first floor you can ask questions and get help in finding, reaching, and using anything in the library.
  6. Entrances to the elevator and stairs face the reference desk in the center of the library.
  7. Our CCTV Magnifier is a tool to read books and other written material that may be too small to read without enlargement.  It is now located on the second floor in the Humboldt Room.
  8. Large Print books are shelved on the north wall of the library. This wall has windows looking out on the harbor.
  9. At the Children's Desk in the southeast corner of the library you can ask questions and get help in finding, reaching, and using anything in the Children's room.  The Children's room is to your right as you pass the Circulation Desk after entering.
  10. Emergency exit doors are all ramped. In an emergency please use the nearest exit.  Exits are located in the adult reading area at the southwest corner, in the children's area near the Children's Service Desk, and the main entrance which is central on the south wall..