Public Computers & Internet

All branches of the Humboldt County Library have computers available for public use. Use of the computers is free.  Black and white prints are ten cents a page. 

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Internet Use Policy

All persons using the internet in the library are required to abide by the library's Internet Use Policy. Please be considerate of others in using the shared computers, and use them as appropriate to a public place.

Saving Files

Computer users may bring their own flash drive for downloading or saving material. You will not be able to use a CD.  You may also save to an online resource such as GoogleDocs or email material to yourself when using our internet computers.  Flash drives are available in the Main Library's Serendipity Bookstore for a very low price.

Internet Safety

As you have read in the Internet Use Policy, it is your responsibility to practice good internet safety and security precautions when using the Library's computers. If you give your children internet access, they will also need to know how kids can stay safe on the internet.

To learn more about online safety, visit these Internet Safety Links. You will also find books in the library that discuss internet safety and security issues in detail.
Adjustable for Your Vision
All of our public computers can be adjusted for use by people who have low vision or prefer larger type.  Large-Type Keyboards are available on request.  Please ask staff for assistance. 

To hear audio from computers in the library, you may bring your own headphones or check with the staff to see if headphones are available.

Black-and-white prints are ten cents each.

Word Processing Stations
Perhaps you are writing a report, creating a flyer, or working on your resume. Maybe you need to use a spreadsheet or other library software. For these tasks, you may need more time than you can get on an Internet station.  These stations allow you more time and feature a range of useful software. They do not connect to the Internet.