Public Health

Public Health is engaged in a broad range of activities designed to promote good health:
  • We provide clinical and preventive services and work with local health care providers and other community partners to connect people with the resources they need.
  • We educate, advise, coach, and guide people toward healthier lives for themselves and their families.
  • We inspect, test, monitor, inform, and enforce regulations that help keep you safe and well.
  • We work with community design professionals to make our neighborhoods more health-promoting.
  • We plan and prepare for emergency situations.
  • We keep vital records of changes in our population and analyze health data.

Public Health is here for everyone, from individuals and families to the community as a whole. If you would like to speak with our staff, please contact us.

  1. Public Health Clinics

    The Public Health Clinic offers a variety of services, including adult, travel, and child immunizations.

  2. Environmental Health

    The Division of Environmental Health (DEH) maintains effective programs and response to public health issues such as safe housing, safe drinking water, proper sewage disposal, proper solid waste disposal, management of hazardous materials, and emergencies.

  3. Healthy Communities

    Healthy Communities provides information and services to encourage optimum health and well-being in the Humboldt County community.

  4. Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health Programs

    Maternal Child and Adolescent Health programs serve the health care needs of women of childbearing age, infants, children, teens, and their families.

  5. Public Health Nursing

    Public Health Nursing services are available to anyone in Humboldt County. Public Health Nurses serve families and individuals to better their health.

  6. Public Health Laboratory

    The Public Health Laboratory provides laboratory testing services and support for community health providers to aid in the diagnosis and control of communicable diseases and promote a healthy environment.

  7. Humboldt Health Alert

    Visit Humboldt Health Alert for 100-percent local information about food safety, air and water quality, communicable diseases and other important public health news and information.

  8. Emergency Preparedness & Response

    Emergency Preparedness and Response Program provides the tools and the staff to plan for emergency response to public health critical events.

  9. Provider Communication from Public Health

    Provides local medical providers with a digital version of fax-based Health Alerts and Updates that are sent out by Humboldt County Public Health.