Hold Requests & Interlibrary Loan Requests

If the book or article you are looking for is not at hand in your library branch, don't give up. In most cases, you can use a Hold Request or an Interlibrary Loan Request to get the item delivered to your branch.  Zip Books are a special project to improve your Interlibrary Loan options.

At any one time, you may have a total of four (4) Hold Requests, plus a total of four (4) Interlibrary Loan Requests, including one (1) Zip Book.

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Hold Requests & Interlibrary Loans

  1. Your first step is to check the library's catalog, or check with a librarian, to see if the item you want is available anywhere in the Humboldt County Library System.
  2. If you can see that the item you want is in the catalog, and the library has a copy, you can place a free hold request. Holds may be placed on audiovisual material as well as books.
  3. If our library system does not own the book you want, you may place an Interlibrary Loan request. The library will borrow the book for you from another library system somewhere in the United States.  In some cases, if you prefer, the Library will order a Zip Book to be sent to your home. A Zip Book is an ordinary paper-format book that arrives quickly.
There is a $1 fee for interlibrary loan service, including Zip Books. There is no fee for a hold request.  Films and music are not available via interlibrary loan.
  1. Hold Requests

    See how to request materials from another Humboldt County Library.

  2. Interlibrary Loans

    Find out how to request a book from another U.S. library system outside of Humboldt.

  1. Zip Books

    Zip Books is a facet of our Interlibrary Loan Service. As an alternative to borrowing a book from a library outside Humboldt, a book may be purchased and shipped directly to your home. This is an experiment funded by a grant from the California State Library..