Probation Department

Mission statement
As an agent of the court we reduce the impact of crime in our community through investigation, prevention, supervision, collaboration, detention, and victim restitution.

Core Organizational Values
  • Protect the Community - Contributing to the reduction of the incident and impact of crime
  • Cooperation - Teamwork with open communication
  • Creativity - Encouraging imagination and innovation
  • Integrity - Conducting ourselves in an honest and ethical manner
  • Responsibility - Demonstrating a sense of duty and accountability
  • Resiliency - Adapting and excelling in changing environments
Operating Principles
  • Recognition - Acknowledging others respectfully
  • Helpfulness - Demonstrating a willingness to help
  • Order - Relying on standardized procedures
  • Involvement - Encouraging active participation
  • Loyalty - Committing to the organizational mission and values
  • Autonomy - Exercising professional and personal growth
  • Self Development - Encouraging professional and personal growth
  • Respect - Treating others fairly and ethically
  • Learning from Failure - Learning through experience
  • Professional Pride - Appreciating worth in providing service to the community