Environmental Services 


The Environmental Services division of the Public Works Department is responsible for environmental permitting and compliance, resource management, natural hazard planning and mitigation, and recreation facilities.  These responsibilities include serving as the regional grant administrator for the seven-county North Coast Resource Partnership and coordinator of the Humboldt County Fire Safe Council

Environmental Services Programs

  1. Natural Resources

    Natural Resources staff perform environmental review and permitting for Public Works projects and operations, to support Humboldt County’s commitment to environmental stewardship and appropriate resource management.

  2. Natural Resources Planning

    The Office of Natural Resources Planning supports a wide range of issues including water, species conservation, hazard mitigation, land protection, and regulatory policy.

  3. Parks & Trails

    The Humboldt County Parks and Trails system features 17 park units (nearly 950 acres) and the five-mile-long Hammond Trail in McKinleyville. County Parks include ten beach parks, five parks with river access, five boat ramps, and five campgrounds.

  4. Water Management

    Water Management staff manage three levee systems, implement storm water pollution prevention programs, and lead or provide technical assistance for various projects involving water resources.